10 Ways to Virtually Volunteer During Quarantine

There are so many ways that you can stay productive and be useful during quarantine. One of the most rewarding ways to do so is virtually volunteering! Here are some very useful ways to volunteer:

1. Penguin Counting
Virtually help scientists count penguins in remote locations to help understand their habits, movements and colony size. There are also several other similar projects in which you can participate.

2. Be My Eyes
An app where you can help blind and visually impaired people identify things.

3. Folding @ Home
A software that uses your computer to help find cures for diseases. Simply install the software and run it when you’re not using your computer! Gaming PCs are especially useful for this.

4. Map a disaster zone
Help organisations such as Red Cross with Missing Maps. Using satellite images, you mark up buildings, rivers and roads in remote locations which haven’t been mapped before

5. Bird Watching
Track what birds you see on the eBird site. Sightings could contribute to conservation decisions, peer-reviewed papers and global research.

6. Tag Animals
The Zoological Society of London have launched a Wild App where you can simply watch a video and tag the animals that you see! By participating you are aiding conservation and research efforts worldwide.

7. Volunteer Translator
If you’re fluent in more than one language you can volunteer to translate for Translators Without Borders. There is a number of different projects in which you can engage in.

8. United Nations Virtual Volunteers
Participate in worldwide projects and contribute to peace and development. United Nations Virtual Volunteers allows your team to address sustainable development challenges across the world.

9. Online Mentoring
Support and mentor young people online with Prince’s Trust

10. Amnesty Decoders
Help to conduct research into global human rights violations by monitoring the press, translating, carrying out research, fundraising etc.

Although this is a tough time where we all need to stay safe and stay at home, these little volunteering activities means you can still help out and make a difference!

Enjoy x

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